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Orders shipped within 24 hours or less - click here for more details

Volcano Classic Gold Edition Vaporizer

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Original price $745.95 CAD
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Current price $599.95 CAD

The Volcano Classic turns 20!

The Volcano Classic delivers an excellent vapor production, which has remained unmatched by all competition. Due to its pure convection heating, it delivers unprecedented flavor and pure vapor.The Volcano, like all S&B Vaporizers, is assembled in Germany by hand with rigorous quality controls. Its purely electromechanical design and quality materials serve for an outstanding durability.

The Volcano is the most iconic Vaporizer on the market and has been the connoisseurs’ choice for 20 Years. Its iconic shape has immersed into many homes around the world as a unique design element. Now, the gold-plated cone gives the Volcano a prestigious, luxurious and sophisticated finish which will definitely make for an excellent eye catcher in every setting.

Made in Germany.


  • Excellent vapor production
  • Pure convection heating
  • Time-tested quality
  • Made in Germany
  • 24 carat gold
  • Limited Edition


Vaporizer Type:
Storage Capacity:
Temperature Levels:
Initial Heating:
Heating System:
Power Type:
Flower and Concentrate
0.75 grams
104° F - 446° F
Approx 3 minutes
Plug-in Power Supply
1.8 kg
3 year



1x gold-plated Hot Air Generator (24 carats)
4x Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
1x Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
1x Filling Chamber
3x Filling Chamber Clip
1x Cap Ring
1x Normal Screen Set
1x Drip Pad
1x Air Filter Set
1x Herb Mill
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Instructions Manual

What's the difference between the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic?

The Hybrid is replacing the Digit in the Volcano lineup, and the differences compared to the Volcano Classic are significant.  While the Volcano Classic was only missing a few features compared to the Volcano Digit, it’s now a far cry from the Hybrid.  The Classic has a narrower temperature range (266° F - 446° F), analog controls, and only blows bags.  The Classic does not display the temperature on its analog dial, but instead displays numbers 1-9 and has a chart included in the box, which shows what temperatures the numbers correspond to. 

The Volcano Hybrid has digital controls with a wider temperature band (104° F - 446° F), blows bags and has a direct draw whip.  It also has a full set of controls available through the Bluetooth app.  The Volcano Hybrid delivers slightly more accurate temperature to your herbs with an accuracy of ± 1.5° C / 2.7° F (compared to ± 5° C / 9° F for the Classic).  The LED display will show you the current temperature as well as the set temperature. 

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer comes with the Hybrid Starter Set, that works with existing Easy Valve bags and dosing capsules. It requires a different Filling Chamber Reducer than the Classic to use the dosing capsules. While the Hybrid’s whip will fit on the Classic’s Filling Chamber, it doesn’t work with the Classic. The Solid Valve system isn’t compatible with the Volcano Hybrid.

How often do you need to replace the balloon bag?

The balloon should be replaced after approx 50 - 100 balloon fillings. You may also use other heat-proof oven hoses or oven bags. Do not use any other plastic bags or cling wraps. Once an Easy Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old with a new one.


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