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Orders shipped within 24 hours or less - Click here for more news & updates

AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer

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The design of the AirVape Xs GO was based on its predecessor, AirVape Xs, but comes in a completely new, smaller and curvier design (2.5 x 10 cm – 53 g).  The size improvements make it easy to grip and conceal in the palm of your hand in case you need that extra stealth. AirVape Xs GO has a 1200 mAh built-in battery that supports pass-through technology which means you can still use it while it’s charging.

The AirVape Xs GO uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve optimal heating.  Looking inside, you will find the perfectly sized, oval-shaped ceramic chamber which is heated from beneath to extract the active ingredients evenly from your herbs into a dense, smooth and flavourful vapor. The AirVape Xs GO is a great vaporizer for solo vapers on a budget who value great performance and the highest level of discreteness.

Ease of Use

The AirVape Xs GO is easy to use for both beginners and experts as it has a single button control, which is both used to turn the unit on and select one of the five temperature settings (180, 190, 200, 207 and 215 °C).  The rapid heat-up time of 20 seconds means you can start vaporizing almost immediately, while the fact that the scraper tool attaches to the back of the unit means that you will always have something to stir your load of dry herbs with to get the most out of them.

To load the AirVape Xs GO with your herb of choice, simply remove the magnetic mouthpiece to access the chamber. The manufacturer recommends a slightly finer grind, as well as packing the chamber loose so that the mouthpiece doesn’t push the ground herbs too tight.

Hybrid Heating

The Airvape Xs GO features a hybrid convection/conduction heating system.  The oval-shaped ceramic oven heats the herb directly, while a compartment beneath the chamber fills with hot air, evenly heating the bowl.  The oven is inert to chemical reactions and heat-resistant to prevent combustion.  Thanks to the dual filters (one in the chamber and one in the mouthpiece), you are guaranteed silky-smooth vapor without any lose particles, no matter how fast you breathe in.


The AirVape Xs GO has a 1200 mAh battery and will heat up to the lowest temperature level in just 20 seconds. To fully charge a fully depleted battery you need to leave it plugged in for about 45 minutes—a lot less than most portable vaporizers! Thanks to the pass-through technology you can both charge the battery and use the Xs GO at the same time, a very convenient feature that means you don’t have to worry about cutting a vape session short due to a depleted battery.  The AirVape Xs GO charges via micro-USB, enabling you to charge it everywhere you have access to a USB-outlet, like a modern power outlet or computer.


The AirVape Xs GO exterior is slim and has an ergonomic grip. It has been constructed with high-quality heat resistant ABS plastic that will not warm up to an uncomfortable temperature while in use. To start it up and set your preferred temperature level, use the single-button control that in combination with the 5-light LED display makes it quick and easy to begin your vape session at the temperature you want.

The magnetically-attached mouthpiece sits on top of the chamber and is easy to remove during loading and cleaning. Beneath it is the oval-shaped chamber which accomplishes full extraction and even heating through its design which allows the hot walls of the chamber to make more contact with the dry herbs.

Design-wise, the AirVape Xs GO is minimalistic, easy to use and extremely discreet. The compact design means it’s easy to bring along, and the innovative heating system ensures that you will get the most out of your dry herbs both at home and out and about.

Available in Onyx Black.


  • 1200 mAh Battery
  • 20-second heat-up time
  • 5 temperature options from 180 °C to 215 °C
  • Automatic shutoff timer
  • One button easy temperature control ↑↓
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Pass-through technology (charge while use)
  • Oval ceramic heating chamber
  • EZ AirPath (partially isolated)
  • Ergonomic design with comfort grip
  • Built-in scraper tool


1x AirVape Xs GO
1x USB cable
1x Cleaning tool
1x Packing tool
1x Replacement filter screen