Blue Flame Butane Blend (Food Grade)

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$6.00 CAD

70% Butane / 30% Propane
11x Filtered & 3x Refined

Blue Flame is a clean butane fuel manufactured in the USA to extremely high standards of quality.  Blue Flame is filtered 11 times for maximum purity, as well as triple refined through fractional distillation.  It does not contain any mercaptans or toxic lubricants and has a food-grade BPA-free plastic lining.  This is the same food-grade plastic used for beverage containers.  In fact, Blue Flame cans are manufactured in the same factories that manufacture other food-grade products.

This listing is for 1 can (300 ml / 170 g). 

Cases of 12 cans and master cases are also available. Please contact us for pricing.

*Butane ordered online can only be shipped via ground.