Buddies Super Slick Ultra Silicone Mat

$8.00 CAD

The Buddies Super Slipp Ultra Mat is constructed with the highest grade USP6 platinum cured silicone.  It is designed specifically to work with concentrates and herbal extracts.  The Super Slipp Ultra Mat allows you to handle the stickiest of materials with no waste or mess.  There is no need to scrape since nothing sticks to the mat and it is the perfect surface for drying water extracts.

Silicone is an environmentally friendly alternative to parchment paper.  The high quality silicone is non-stick, heat resistant, alcohol resistant, microwave and hot plate proof.  The mats are completely reusable and can handle temperatures up to 500F when used for purging.

When used properly, your mat will last for years.  Wash with soap and water and allow to air dry (dishwasher safe too)


  • Small – 4.5" x 3.25" (2 mats per pack)
  • Large – 12" x 8.5" (1 mat per pack)