Cloud Pen - Paragon Vaporizer

$108.00 CAD

The Paragon by Cloud Pen is the evolution of accumulated feedback and conceptualizing.  It's the ultimate pen that has it all going on, so when your out and about at a music festival or hiking in the woods, you have it covered with the Paragon. The battery has a 710 threading with an air flow control valve adapter. The adapter works on a 510 Threading system so you can interchange coils and tank systems of both universal threads available on the market.  The Paragon comes with temperature variation: Red (Low-4.2) Yellow (Medium-4.2) and Green (Hot-4.8).

The Paragon kit comes with a Dual Quartz Rod Coil with a built in tool vapor cap. Features a ceramic heating coil, with a black C-Tensil perfect for loading and cleaning at home. There is a hidden No-Goo Jar on the bottom of the pen so you can keep some reserves for later. This is a heavy cloud producing device that allows you to have more control over you experience while still packing your own.


5 Clicks to turn Device on and 3 Clicks to change temp setting. 


  • Magnetic Mouthpiece & Built-in No Goo Silicone Jar.  Efficiently load & store any material and save discreetly at the bottom of the Paragon Vaporizer.
  • Air control valve allows you to adjust airflow from a calm, low hit to a more powerful high airflow hit.
  • 1100 mAh battery that only takes 3 hours to charge and gives you up to 8 vaping hours. You can select between three different temperature settings. Red - Low (3.8W), Yellow - Medium (4.2W), and Green - High (4.6W)


1 x Paragon Vaporizer
1 x Paragon Hedi Coil
1 x Extra Quartz Dual Rod Coil
1 x C x Tensil
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Mouth Piece
1 x Paragon Coil
1 x Coil Cap
1 x Quartz Dual Rod
1 x Adaptor Base
1 x No Goo Built In Jar

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