Connoisseur Concentrates - Cupcake Flavoured Solution

$140.00 CAD

The Cupcake Solution is a complex blend of Organic Terpenes and artificial flavoring, hand crafted to create a new experience in extracts. By incorporating flavoring agents already long used in the vaping world, Connoisseur Concentrates has created a Solution that allows you to flavor and dilute your extracts with fun and exciting new flavors. The Organic Terpenes provide a good cannabis profile while the Strawberry brings the flavor. You can still taste your extract, but the Cupcake will mask it about 60%. Its normal for this Solution to separate in the bottle, but will not separate once mixed with your extracts. Be sure to shake before using. This blend does contain small amounts of Propylene Glycol. 

Organic Terpenes: YES

Essential Oils: NO

Artificial Flavors: YES


Enhance/Hide Aroma: 40%~60%

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