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Atmos Kiln RA Replacement Atomizers - 2 Pack

$19.95 CAD

Each Kiln RA replacement atomizer is made of pure ceramic and uses advanced ceramic heating disc technology to heat wax consistency products, producing pure and flavorful vapor.

Kiln RA replacement atomizers are sold in packs of two. 


To ensure peak performance, when using the Kiln RA with a variable wattage battery, we recommend using a range between 5-15 Watts.  If you are using a temperature control battery with the Kiln RA, we recommend a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees.  When using the Kiln RA, fire in intervals of about 3-4 seconds to avoid over working the ceramic heating disc.  Using settings higher than those outlined here may cause damage to the heating element.  The Kiln RA will only work with batteries capable of handling 0.7 ohm attachments.

Caution:  Pulsing rates and discharging rates vary with different brands of batteries, so these settings will not be true for all brands of batteries. We highly recommend starting at 5 Watts and moving up slowly if needed.