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Cotton Bacon Version 2.0

$7.00 CAD

Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 goes through a purification process to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides.

Cotton Bacon 2.0 is a heavy body, easy to use bacon strip that allows for easy tearing to fit your size coil.  The U.S. grown dual fiber stacks up to the driest, high heat and high power applications.  Comes in a re-sealable food grade bag.

  • 4 inch length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip
  • U.S. Grown dual fiber for optimal wicking and heat resistance.
  • 100% tasteless wick.
  • Large fibers for low ohm builds, minimal dry hits.
  • User friendly, re-sealable travel size package.
  • Net weight: 0.35oz (10g) of cotton wicking material.


  • Rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks.
  • Rebuildables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers with no multimeter or knowledge of how to use a meter, or when a meter must be used, or how electronic devices work. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without basic knowledge of electronics.
  • A rebuildable coil/wick MUST be tested carefully with a meter before it is used.
  • New coil/wick units must be tested and then used first on a strong basic electrical APV that has short circuit protection.
  • If it is not tested it is entirely the risk of the user.
  • Faulty wicks/coils can cause injury and can ruin your devices.