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NO DELAYS! Orders ship the same day they are placed - click here for more details

Deluxe Daddy Original Vapor Daddy Box Vaporizer - Red Bamboo

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The original Vapor Daddy will allow you to extract all the active ingredients from herbs and essential oils without the use of a flame.  This method uses a relatively low heat temperature to detach the moisture and oils from the plant structure.  This allows you to inhale a moisture loaded mist, leaving the plant fibers behind.  Your Vapor Daddy uses a hand piece or wand to transfer the vapor material.  When you inhale on the wand, air is drawn past the heating element, into the wand, and through the vapor material.

Heated by the air, the moisture of the plant evaporates, which is a similar process to boiling a pot of water. This all takes place at a lower temperature than that of burning.  Active components of vapor material can be released by vaporization better than the conventional method of smoking which can destroy many components of vapor material.  Instead, you will enjoy a fine aromatic mist while avoiding the unhealthy effects of burning like smoke or tar.

The Vapor Daddy is based on the box whip design, it has all the basic features you need and a 3 year warranty to back it up. Featuring basic temperature control, easy to use whip and a solid box case. This is the hands free model, extra whips can be purchased separately.

As with all box vaporizers, we recommend a burn in time of 20-30 minutes without inhaling before using the unit for the first time.


  • Glass on Glass
  • Removable and Replaceable Heater Cover
  • Removable and Replaceable Heating Element
  • On/Off Switch
  • Numbered Temp Dial
  • Aroma Cup
  • Silicone Tubing


1x Original Vapor Daddy Vaporizer Unit
1x Solid, Hands-Free Wand
1x Replacement Screen
1x Stainless Steel Tool
1x Aromatherapy Attachment


How to Use:

Getting Started:
After plugging your Original Vapor Daddy vaporizer into a wall outlet, turn the unit on by turning the analog temperature knob to the right until you hear a small click.
Pack dry and evenly ground herb into the opening of your glass wand -- about 2/3 of the way full is the perfect amount.
Gently slide the opened end of your glass wand onto the glass-covered heating element.
When adjusting the temperature, the Vapor Daddy works well around 3/4 to full strength of the dial.
Once the selected temperature has been reached, put your mouth over the wand's mouthpiece and begin to slowly inhale. Enjoy!
Tips and Tricks:
The more dry and evenly ground/packed your herb is, the better!
Due to the temperature being set by an analog knob, watch for an even, white vapor production upon exhaling. This will be your best way to figure out where your most preferred heat setting will be.
Regularly maintaining your Vapor Daddy vaporizer will ensure clean and plentiful vapor production each time.
It's always better to start at a lower temperature and slowly creep up to that perfect "Goldilocks" spot!
Always be careful when cleaning out your glass components.


Deluxe Daddy Ceramic Heating Element

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