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Orders shipped within 24 hours or less - click here for more details

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer

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Current price $399.95 CAD

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the next generation of vaporizer for both flowers and oils. Utilizing induction heating as a clever solution to many of the most common issues affecting conduction vaporizers, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH boasts industry leading heating time, battery life and functionality. The incredible efficiency of the device even results in a stronger effect when compared to other vaporizers.

The coil, in this case, is electromagnetic to allow energy transmission to the induction cups. This heating method is faster than the traditional convection and conduction methods. This gives the user a number of options depending on their preference. The induction heating technology allows the device to heat to target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time. We’re talking an average of 4 seconds (depending on selected temperature). When you set the temperature low, you get the best tasting flavour and setting the temperature high gets you dense clouds. The SWITCH has 25 temperature profiles. When fully charged, the SWITCH supports 100 heating cycles thanks to the durability of the battery.


  • 13” Tall when fully assembled
  • Different pre-set modes for flower and concentrate
  • 25 heat settings on pro mode for the connoisseur to dial in the perfect flavor and vapor density
  • 150 uses on a single charge (well over a week for the average user)
  • 60 minute charge time
  • Pass-through charging for endless desktop use
  • LED battery lift indicator
  • 25 colour patterns to create the right mood, plus additional stealth mode (no lights)
  • Internal memory for conveniently remembering previous settings
  • Auto cool down cycle (never worry about overheating!)
  • Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection built into the unit
  • Output Power up to 120 watts


1x Dr. Dabber SWITCH Device
1x Battery Pack
1x Glass Percolator Attachment
1x White Ceramic Induction Cup (For Oil)
1x Black Ceramic Induction Cup (For Dry Herb)
1x Ceramic Flower Filter
1x Dab Tool/Carb Cap
1x Reverse Action Tweezers
1x Silicone Wax Container
1x Charging Cable & Adapter
1x Instruction Manual


Dr. Dabber Switch Replacement Oil Induction Cup

Dr. Dabber Switch Replacement Smooth Ceramic Cup

Dr. Dabber Switch Replacement Quartz Induction Cup

Dr. Dabber Switch Replacement Leaf Induction Cup