Flow Scientific - ACDC Terpene Strain Profile

$30.00 CAD

ACDC is a unique, sativa-dominant phenotype hailing from Cannatonic which is a high-CBD strain. Something unique to highlight is its THC:CBD ration of 1:20 which means this strain produces minimal intoxicating effects. Many consumers prefer this method of treatment for pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy effects. A large selling feature is that it works quite well in treating the above without effecting the mental state.

Flow Scientific reproduces cannabis scents and flavours using only natural plant terpenes.  100% organic compounds.

If you are making carts and need some help with calculations, check out Flow Scientific's terpene calculator.

**depending on size, the bottle may not be exactly as it appears in the picture.


Relaxed, Uplifting, Happy, Focused, Energetic

Pain, Stress, Depression, Inflammation, Headaches

Earthy, Woody, Pine