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GEAR Premium 14mm Concentrate Reclaimer with 45 Degree Male Joint - Male Top Joint

$25.00 CAD

14mm Concentrate Reclaimer with 45 Degree Male Joint and Male Top Joint

Reclaimers are excellent accessories that can be added to any dab or oil rig. Reclaimers keep your rig significantly cleaner as they catch leftover concentrates for later use.

Many dabbers enjoy collecting their reclaim for use when their stash is low; others might even cook with it.

Like drop downs, reclaimers create distance between the joint and heating element, preventing heat stress from damaging the joint on your dab rig.  Like all glass accessories, reclaimers are available in a variety of different sizes.

Reclaimers come with a k-clip to securely fasten the reclaim jar to the bottom of the attachment. The reclaim jar always sits directly beneath the joint to easily catch excess concentrates that would have been otherwise lost to the main chamber of your oil rig.