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GEAR Premium Quartz Banger Insert with Opaque Bottom

$12.95 CAD

GEAR Premium Quartz Banger Insert with Opaque Bottom.

Dabbing with quartz inserts can give you great flavour and provide a full spectrum of temperature, taste and effects.

Sizes (diameter from outer edges):

Small: 10mm
Medium: 16mm
Large: 20mm



  • Inner Bowl Diameter - 1cm
  • Bowl Depth - 1.2cm 


  • Inner Bowl Diameter - 1.6cm
  • Bowl Depth - 1.5cm


  • Inner Bowl Diameter - 1.9cm
  • Bowl Depth - 2cm

Please note - the dimensions are approximate, each bowl is handmade so each one is not exactly the same. 

The Pulsar Silicone Tipped Reverse Tweezers are a great way to retrieve the banger insert from inside your banger.

Here’s how to dab with a quartz banger insert:

  1. Load your dab into the room temp quartz insert
  2. Heat your banger as you normally would 
  3. Wait approx 30 seconds
  4. Drop the quartz insert into the hot banger (open end up)
  5. Use your carb or bubble cap to close banger
  6. Start your draw when your dab begins to boil off and vaporize

Benefits of Dabbing with Quartz Inserts

  • Easier to time the dab temperature
  • Very forgiving if too hot
  • Less waste - easier to salvage oil
  • Full spectrum of temp / taste / effects
  • Banger remains relatively clean
  • You can have multiple inserts ready for marathon dab sessions

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