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I-TAL Hemp Wick - 250 ft. XL Supreme Ball

$32.95 CAD

I-TAL Organic Hemp Wick - 250 Foot XL Supreme Ball. 

The ITAL Hemp Wick is an organic and all natural way to light your tobacco or herbal blends. Made from organic hemp and coated with organic beeswax to allow the wick to burn nicely. Simply light the wick with a lighter or a candle and extinguish after each use. These will prevent the butane toxins from contaminating your smoke.


  • 250 feet long
  • Made from 100% Organic Hemp and 100% Organic Beeswax


Light end, tilt to control the flame.

Caution Flammable:

  • Ensure flame is completely out after each use.
  • Beeswax might drip.
  • Do not leave unattended.
  • Please keep away from children.