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Juicy Jays Pre-Rolled Cones - Watermelon Jones

$1.75 CAD

Watermelon Jones Juicy Jay's Cones with Dank 7 Tip.

These Juicy Jay's Pre-Rolled Cones come with 1 reusable wooden Dank 7 filter tip to help with airflow and to keep tobacco or herbs from falling out of the bottom.  Dank 7 tips are soaked in flavoring for 7 days, ensuring that they taste delicious for the entire duration of your smoke!

Using a proprietary triple-dip system, these cones will keep their flavour from start to finish.

Each pack comes with 2 flavoured cones and 1 Dank 7 tip.
Also available in cases of 24 packs.

  • Watermelon flavour
  • No Tobacco
  • Comes with 1 Reusable Bamboo Tip
  • 2 cones per pack
  • Comes in resealable tube