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NO DELAYS! Orders ship the same day they are placed - click here for more details
NO DELAYS! Orders ship the same day they are placed - click here for more details

King Palm Corn Husk Filters 9mm

$2.95 CAD

King Palm Corn Husk Filters - 9mm - Pack of 5. 
Also available in cases of 24 packs.

These corn husk filters are the most durable and most effective filters in the world. These filters are the same as the ones used with our world-famous King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls. Once you add a corn husk tip to your smoking experience you will never want to go without it. All the corn husk obtained from our suppliers use NON-GMO standards when producing their corn.


  1. Remove the inserted paper tube
  2. Grind your herbs to a semi chunky consistency, and remove stems before filling to avoid cutting the leaf.
  3. Lay the roll sideways and use the pointy side of the packing tool to fill the roll halfway through
  4. Hold your roll up onto a flat surface and use the flat side of the packing tool to push down so that the herbs are compressed tightly and evenly, just enough to avoid tearing the leaf, repeat these steps until full, this will ensure a slow and flavorful burn.

King Palm is rolled with the best all-natural, squeezable, corn husk filter. Do not smoke the corn husk filter. Do not remove or smoke the black paper band. It is best to keep King Palm rolls stored in a cool and dark environment, with a humidity level between 62% and 72%. Use humidity control packets from Boveda for best results.

**This product is not made from the Cannabis plant and does not contain any THC, CBD, nicotine or tobacco.


  • 5 Filters Included
  • Bite or Squeeze For Cooling Effect
  • Individually Hand Rolled
  • Natural Corn Husk
  • Use With Rolling Papers & Blunts


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