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ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition

Sold out
$144.95 CAD

The OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition features a patented Lava-Quartz technology that is the first of its kind and draws inspiration from traditional glass. This Rig rips like no other! It features a quartz bowl and two quartz rods wrapped in high-quality titanium coils. 


  • Get massive rig-like rips with the portability and convenience of a traditional vaporizer pen
  • Customize your airflow and vapor intake with a simple twist
  • Visual reaction chamber allows you to see how big of a rip you are about to take
  • Variable temperature smart battery remembers your last setting
  • Ability to charge the unit while in use
  • Built-in silicone jar discreetly located at the bottom of the unit


1 x Max Flow Mouthpiece
2 x Visual Reaction Chambers
2 x Dual Lava-Quartz Ti Coil Atomizers
1 x Adjustable Airflow Ring
1 x Hyper Charged Set It & Forget It Smart Battery
1 x Built-In Silicone Jar at Bottom of Unit
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Stainless Steel Tool
2 x Alcohol Cleansing Wipes
1 x Silicone Ring
1 x Silicone Tray with Stash Compartment
1 x Printed Instruction Manual