RAW Natural Bubinga Wood Pipe

$32.95 CAD

The RAW Natural Pipe is made from hand carved Bubinga wood. This wood is world famous among musicians for its use on many exclusive instruments. Bubinga wood is used as the shell of high end drum kits. It’s also used on harps, luthiers and bass guitars because of its hardness, unique patterns and well-rounded sound. This is a truly RAWesome wood! The RAW Natural Pipe also comes with a fully removable plastic mouthpiece, a canvas carrying pouch and a pre-loaded Corleone smoking filter.

Approximately 5.5″

Taste Tip: We suggest breaking in this wooden pipe with a bit of honey or pipe sweetener until it becomes seasoned to your taste.  Seasoning your pipe simply means to get the wood accustomed to the heat of glowing tobacco in the bowl.  As you gradually build up a carbon layer the pipe will adjust itself.  Still, some light burning of the wood surface is natural.  To keep this to a minimum, drag and puff gently through the first dozen fills.

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