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RAW Onesie V2 - with defected box

Original price $174.95 CAD
Current price $159.95 CAD

These V2 RAW Onesies are in perfect condition. All of the RAW Onesies come in a black box.  The reason for the discount is that the glue on the boxes are defective and the box doesn't hold together after being opened.  If you're not interested in keeping the box anyway, this is the onesie for you!  If you want one with a proper box, get one here

The RAW Onesie version 2 shows off your raw style while staying comfortable and warm. In-Stock and ready to ship!  The Onesie features a removable velcro facemask, hidden pockets and rolling tray pouch to make rolling easy. When you're smoking with the RAW Onesie, RAW literally has you covered!

Would look great with these RAW socks.

What's different between the RAW Onesie v1 and v2?
Here's what's changed:

  • Velcro face mask is now completely removable from the hood
  • You can adjust where the face mask sits within the hood opening
  • Overall size slightly decreased
  • New rolling tray design in pouch that's now twice as thick


  • Face Mask (now completely removable!)
  • Fold down pouch pocket with rolling tray design
  • Hidden double layer zippered pocket
  • Invisible zipper pocket in interior of arm cuff
  • Hidden interior pocket on ankle cuff seam
  • Tool kit patch with pocket designed to fit RAW products


Head Candy has the best selection of RAW apparel, cones, rolling papers, trays and accessories. Ships from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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