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RYOT Dry Plus Backpack

$134.95 CAD

The RYOT Dry+ Backpack is fully smell proof and waterproof with high-frequency welded seams. The RYOT Dry Plus bag is fast and easy to close, and keeps odors trapped inside and the weather out, even in the toughest of conditions. The Dry+ Backpack comes with a lightweight removable Carbon lined SmellSafe insert, that attaches securely inside and can be removed and used separately. 

Dimensions (bag closed): 13.5” x 7” x 22”

Capacity: 35 L


Abrasion- Resistant
Flexible Roll-and Cinch Closure for Wide and Easy Loading
Contoured, Cushioned and Breathable Shoulder Straps
Durable NIFCO Buckles
Weather-Resistant PU Coated Exterior Zipper
Side Stretch Water Bottle Pocket
Ergonomic Back Panel with Airflow Zones
Removable SmellSafe Carbon Bag
1 Year Warranty