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RYOT Flat Pack - Smell Proof and Lockable

$34.95 CAD

The RYOT Flat Pack is discrete and designed to keep your stash and accessories dry and odors under control. This 2 in 1 drop style bag comes in several sizes. The outer shell is 100% smell proof and lockable; built to withstand heavy use in any type of weather conditions. The integrated and removable SmellSafe carbon lined interior bag can be used separately or as a bag within the bag.

Lockable for added security (lock is included).

Dimensions (closed) 10.75” x 6.5” x .5”

Smell Proof
Water Proof
Removable SmellSafe Carbon Lined Bag
Durable Exterior
Easy Loading
Flexible Roll Closure
Lockable (Lock included)
1 Year Warranty