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Orders shipped within 24 hours or less - Click here for more news & updates

Viscosity Extract Liquifier

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Size: 5ml

Viscosity Extract Liquifier is a flavorless odorless extract diluent made from a blend of botanically derived extracts.  Viscosity enables you to turn winterized extracts into vape pen oil. This natural, organic, solution is everything you need to streamline production and increase your profit margin. Viscosity combines smoothly with any consistency of extract without separation, and will stay blended without additional additives, emulsifiers, or complicated processes.

Viscosity is best used with winterized extracts, meaning those which have had the majority of the lipids (fats) and waxes removed. Generally this includes distillate and post processed (finished/polished) CO2.

Viscosity will dissolve into your extract and force separation of non-soluable components. Viscosity is not recommended for use with BHO, Rosin, Soventless, CBD Isolate and Raw CO2. If you are not familiar with this product, do small test batches to avoid disappointment.

It does not contain PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil, Vitamin E Acetate. 

NOT to be used with CBD products. CBD will recrystallize and separate.


  1. Warm the extract until it is fully liquid
  2. Add up to 0.1 gram of Viscosity Extract Liquifier per 1 gram of oil
  3. For additional flavor and effects, add up to 0.1 grams of True Terpene Profiles per 1 gram of oil
  4. Mix well with either a magnetic mixer, stainless steel lab tool, or other mixer
  5. Allow to return to room temperature and check thickness by tilting the glass container and watching the oil run.

Here is a link to the True Terpene Mixing Calculator for help with recipes.

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