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Wax Liquidizer 3 Flavour Sampler with Mix Kit - Most Popular

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Most Popular Wax Liquidizer 3 Flavour Sampler with Mix Kit

Easily convert your concentrate or oil into e-liquid with Wax Liquidizer products! Wax Liquidizer is designed to enhance the flavour and consistency of your concentrates and allow you to vape it right from an e-cig.  The high-quality ingredients ensure superior performance and heighten the effect of your vaping experience.

Follow the simple mixing instructions to obtain an even consistency in your e-liquid for a stable and smooth flowing final product. Blend with your herbal concentrates and create an e-liquid for hard-hitting vapors or dilute with mixes for all-day tank use. Fill your personal vaporizer, atomizer or tank, and vape when and where you want. 

*Does not contain nicotine, cannabis, VG, or vitamin E


  • Original (15 ml)
  • Strawberry Cough (15 ml)
  • Blueberry (15 ml)
  • Mix Kit (silicone container (22 ml), Stash Bottle (10 ml) and blunt tip syringe)


    • Easy 3-step mixing instructions
    • Creates a stable e-liquid
    • Smooth flowing
    • Does not separate
    • Use with your e-cig
    • Does not contain any nicotine or cannabis


    1. In a shot glass or other heat proof container, add 2ml of Wax Liquidizer and 1 gram of your concentrate

    2. Heat the mixture either by warm water bath or in the microwave for up to 10 seconds at a time

    3. Stir with stainless steel tool to obtain an even, smooth consistency

    4. Once fully mixed, load it into your tank (use a syringe to avoid spills!)


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