Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer

$45.95 CAD

The Evolve Plus atomizer coils are crafted with Quarts instead of traditional fiber wick for the purest experience, Quartz dual coil guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence.

With 1100mah larger battery capacity and 15 seconds of continuous heat. The Evolve Plus becomes more powerful and durable.

Built-in silicone jar is the most consumer-friendly point. Making the Evolve Plus the first multifunctional and travelling vape pen in the dab market.

Micro USB port, an easier and convenient way to charge the battery. Simply connecting it with a wall adapter or computer by USB cable.


1 x Evolve Plus atomizer
1 x Evolve Plus battery (1100mah)
1 x Extra quartz dual coil
1 x Wax tool
1 x Micro USB cable


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