Yocan Magneto Coil & Coil Cap

$45.00 CAD

Replacement Coil and Coil Caps for the Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer Pen.

Available in singles or 1 pack of 5.

This functional coil cap prevents messy leaks and is secured with a strong magnetic connection. 

The Magneto Coil Cap built with Dab tool makes everything easy.  You don't need an  extra dab tool, just use the bottom of the magnetic coil cap as a dab tool to grab your wax, and put the coil cap back on. 


Not all Yocan coils are compatible with all pens. 

The Evolve, Evolve Plus, Cerum, Magneto, NYX, and Exgo 2 all require their own specific coils.