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Orders shipped within 24 hours or less - click here for more details

Ardent FX Decarboxylator & Infuser

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Meet the Ardent FX all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen aka the Easy Bake Ardent! You can do it ALL in this wonderful device. Almost 4x bigger than the Nova Lift with separate settings for activating all your favorite cannabinoids plus infusing and baking all of your favorite edibles right inside!

The Ardent FX is an all-in-one activation, infusion, melting, and baking appliance requiring no prior cannabis, cooking, or baking experience to use.

Suitable for smaller kitchen spaces and workspaces without kitchens (no need for an oven, double boiler, or crock pot.) Switch between modes by pressing the “M” button, and start the cycle by pressing the Ardent “A.” The FX is compatible with Ardent’s full line of kitchen tools and kits. Be part of the first wave of FX owners for exclusive access to Ardent’s new releases.


  • Decarboxylate, extract, infuse, melt, and bake all in one appliance
  • Full activation and infusion of THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids
  • Use any plant material (including flower, kief, and concentrate)
  • Odorless
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • 4 different settings for a full range of activation, infusion, melting, baking and more
  • Detachable base for easy clean up
  • No minimum material amount, work with up to 4 oz of plant material at a time


    1x Ardent FX
    1x Base and Power Plug
    1x Carrying Case


    Why is the red light flashing on my unit?
    The red light flashing on the unit indicates that it is now in the cool down cycle and your decarb process is almost over.

    What is the difference between A1 and A2 cycles?
    The A1 Cycle activates THC and CBG and the A2 cycle activates CBD.

    How much can it decarb at a time?
    Our FX can decarb roughly 4 ounces of flower, kief, stems, sugar leaf, or concentrate, or more depending on density. It can also fit 28 fluid ounces of oil.

    How long does each cycle run for the FX?
    The A1 Cycle and A2 Cycle should never take more than 3.5 hours including cool down. The Infusion cycle will run for close to 3 hours. The Bake cycle runs for 45 minutes.

    What are the max temperatures for each of the FX's cycles?
    The A1 Cycle and A2 Cycle peak at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The Infusion cycle peaks at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bake cycle peaks at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Can the Infusion Press and the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve be used together?
    No, the Infusion Press and Sleeve cannot be used together. You can either use the Infusion Press OR the Concentrate and Sleeve.

    Can the Infusion Press and the Vessel be used together?
    No, the Infusion Press and the Vessel cannot be used together. You can either use the Infusion Press OR the Vessel. You can also pour an infusion from the Vessel back into the FX to strain using the Infusion Press. Then, pour the strained oil back into the Vessel for safekeeping.

    How do I clean my FX?
    Once you are finished with using your FX, you can hand wash the unit or place it in the dishwasher. Please be sure to detach the power base before washing so that it does NOT get wet. Let the device dry completely before placing it back on the base to use. You can also twist off the black rim on the top of your FX for an even deeper clean.

    How big is the FX?
    The FX is 12" x 4.5"


    1. Remove the FX Unit, and power base from the purple carrying case. Plug the
    base into an outlet Please note that the power base can short circuit if wet
    and should be used on a dry surface.

    2. Place the FX unit onto the base charger - note the power light will show as
    green with one of the four setting options lit as yellow (A1 setting is ON in the
    below image)

    3. Click the “M” Mode Button to cycle through the four settings and choose your desired heat level:

    • A1 = Activate THC; cycle optimized to activate THC from THCA - Also activates CBGA to CBG
    • A2 = Activate CBD; cycle optimized to activate CBD from CBDA
    • Infuse; Use this setting to infuse your activated material into oil, butter and more; this cycle runs at a lower temperature
    • Bake; The highest temperature setting, use this setting to bake treats, souvee meat, cook pasta and more!

    4. Open the top of the FX, place your material in and reattach top completely

    • If decarbing flower, only insert as much product as fits comfortably in the unit - do not try to jam more in as it will negatively impact the flower’s trichomes and may cause the unit to fail.
    • Oil for infusion can be placed right inside the stainless steel inner cavity.

    5. Click the Power button to start the cycle. The button color should change from green to red indicating that the cycle is in progress.

    • Note: at the end of the A1 and A2 cycles, the Power button will flash red, indicating the cool-down has started. Please wait until the cool-down stops completely to open the FX.

    6. After A1 or A2 activation cycles, choose your oil or butter preference and add it to
    your activated material inside your FX (only up to the Max Fill symbol). Use the M
    button to toggle to Infuse mode and click the Power button to start the low-temp

    7. After the infusion cycle, store your infused oil or add it to your favorite baking
    recipe and bake in your FX. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to run the Bake cycle. Please see the
    Bake Cycle section for more details.

    8. Once finished with use, hand wash the FX unit or place it in the dishwasher, making
    sure the detachable power base does not get wet. Let the device dry completely
    before placing on base to use

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